Woodstock Lounge Refreshed!

Established in 2004, the Woodstock Lounge has recently undergone an epic transformation. Under the guiding hands of new owners, Paul and Juliet, the Woodstock Lounge has been revamped and recharged with a completely new look, a scrumptiously updated menu, fresh ideas and warm atmosphere!

After a year of negotiations, a month of renovations, many wine tastings and delicious menu tests, Paul and Juliet, Woodstock community members for 5 years have finally realised their dream: To provide the neighbourhood with a clean, fresh, classy yet inviting venue for their leisure and enjoyment.

The Venue’s new look embraces all that the Woodstock neighbourhood is and has been.  With a stunning new warm and earthy palette of colours, beautiful prints of both contemporary Woodstock and the Woodstock of yesteryear, a fleet of freshly reupholstered and comfortably  inviting couches and chairs and after opening up the space for more of Cape Towns glorious light to flood in, a welcoming and relaxed “lounge” feel has been achieved!